Since 1968 we have offered an incredible lineup
of talented performers for our members.
We are proud that we are able to present
dynamic concerts for a
very reasonable price so that all may enjoy.
Our mission is to
stimulate an appreciation of Music, Theatre and Dance.

2020 - 2021 Concert Season
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2021 - 2022 Concert Season
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All concerts are held at the Kelowna Community Theatre
at 1375 Water St., Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1J4

News Flash
The Moanin' Frogs Sextet was to be our first concert of the 21/22 KCCA season (red membership card holders), but fate has intervened. The musicians have agreed to postpone their January 8 concert until April 2, 2022 when hopefully, we have a better handle on the roll-out of the new Omicron tidal wave.
True North Brass

Daily Courier
Review - The 5 Browns 2021
By Neville Bowman

What's better than one piano played brilliantly? How about two? Let's make it five. Normally, that many pianos would just be a cacophony on stage, a wall of sound to confuse the ear and tire the mind. When it is The 5 Browns, however, it means a wonderful night of diverse beautiful music, technical mastery and personable artists who let us into a little bit of their lives....
Kelowna Community Music School

Ballet Kelowna

Chamber Music Kelowna

Okanagan Symphony

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