The Kelowna Community Concert Association is non-profit organization which presents five concerts a year between September and May. It is  run entirely by volunteers, receives no outside funding, does not solicit sponsors and has had a loyal following for over 50 years in Kelowna.
It's fiscal success is predicated on pre-selling memberships, thus ensuring a full house for each season.

Only professional artists of international and national fame are selected; the consistent success of these concerts is based on presenting a variety of music, theatre and dance designed to have wide audience appeal.

Our History

Executive 2015 - 2016

President Skilbeck, Betty
Past President Topf, Yvonne
Treasurer Berthelsen, Jack
Secretary Lindsay, Fay
Membership Chairman Karvonen, Brenda
Concert Chairman Wall, Louise
Hospitality Chairman Hohwy, Carmella
Programme Chairman MacDonald, Sue
Dieter Topf
Marilyn North

Gwynneth Wilson

Cocivera, Mary
Cocivera, Mike
Karvonen, Doug
Ketelaars, John
Oldring, Mary
Oldring, Derald
Pinzon, Xiomy
Siemans, Fran
Skilbeck, Rick

The Board of Directors of Kelowna Community Concert Association is extremely grateful to all the volunteers because without them these professional concerts could never be presented at such a reasonable cost.
Volunteers help with back stage refreshments for performers, mail-outs to members, stage managing, hosting receptions and floral arrangements. You may also have special skills that we should know about in which case we would encourage you to get in touch!
Please note that front-of-house duties such as ushering, refreshment service and managing the coat room are the responsibility of the Kelowna Community Theatre volunteers.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please give us a call or send us an email.
Kelowna Community Concert Association - email: - phone: Betty Skilbeck 250-765-2835 or Brenda Karvonen 250-768-1898
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